Vive La Differences
A Pro-Marriage, Pro-Careeer Training, Teen Romance/Coming of Age Novel based on what has worked for over 2 million years to help humans survive the Ice Ages, Wars, Famine, Neandertals, and other natural and human disasters

Steve Holland
Publishing goal: Fall 2021

Lonely, spoiled Genny, 15 in grade 10, a C student and Nature Nut, meets farm boy Sean of the same age, a D student with dyslexia. Sean wants to be a bush pilot but can't study the textbooks well, so is ready to drop out of school in grade 10.
They invent Paleo Team Dating, where she helps him with his dyslexia and studying. He rewards her with a Betrothal ring and wants to marry her when he has his commercial pilot's license at 18.

How girls can learn Girl Power from Malala and Greta, and then use it to arrange their own future marriages and fix world problems.

How girls can use Paleo Team Dating to arrange their own future Teamwork Marriage using techniques that worked for a two million years. The modern version is that she learns to cook foods he likes, as in school lunches, but she keeps track of all costs in proper budgeting and bookkeeping, and he pays for supplies from money he earns from jobs. He also helps her with her art career. They talk about all aspects to watch for self-centeredness or breaking trust. No sex until marriage, which can be 18 with serious career training when the young man can prove he can earn al living. For flying, that is age 18. For truck driving, it is 19.

How girls can revolutionize High Schools to make them Career and Talent Streaming like universities, which have worked very successfully for 900 years, Schools should aim for Adult Success, meaning Marriage, Career and Business skills instead of Liberal Arts, which were invented for Rich Roman boys who had slaves and didn't have to work for a living. .

How girls can create Old-fashioned Village lifestyles which encourage families to know their neighbours and have fun instead of people feeling isolated, and instead of abandoning parents into retirement homes.